University Project

May 2005 (Delphi) 2D DirectDraw


This project was developed in my first semester of the Computer Science course.

The game was rather simple, they only asked to do a small game where the Hero had to catch some animals. The idea was to make kids be heroes and save the environment.

This game is different from my other project Dano-X, first of all the movement of this game is more sensible whereas in the Dano-X we move by tiles (blocks of movement). The second main difference between is the drawing deepness where the actors (Hero and animals) can stay behind other object such as a tree.

I got involved in this project by talking to professors early on. They had a game research project which had stop due to the lack of interest from the students and as result I was invited to create this game using my previous experiences (my older project Dano-X).

At the time, I studying two university courses, Computer Science (afternoon) and Mathematics (morning), which made this a difficult commitment. I developed the concept within a month (estimated 8 hours of total work)

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