Dano-X 3D

2005 (Delphi) 3D Game Project

Latest Version
Map Editor
Testing Path Finder
Testing placement of texture and heightmap

This project is an evolution of the Dano-X. Developed using the Pascal language in 2005 with the GLScene component.

The purpose of this project was to replicate the same game functionality of Dano-X in 3D. This project was active for about 6 months and I was working together with a friend.

Server managed the accounts, chats (relayed, not stored) and shared players movement. Combat system was not developed yet.

This was my first project to use a real database server to store the data.

 Some of the features developed are:
  • Terrain
    To generate the terrain height a gray scale bitmap was used, every 2 square pixels means one terrain tile and four object spaces, which means that in 1 terrain tile can define 4 different heights and put 4 objects/models;
  • Path Generator
    To move the actors (player and non player characters) around the map I have created an algorithm to generate a path based on the occupied tiles. It is a simple path generator which avoid high usage of the processor;
  • “Spherical World”
    The idea is to be able to go around the world. You could go straight and get back to the same spot.
  • Ocean Movement
    For visual enhancement a rippling ocean was created and when the player model enters it floats and smoothly follows the movement.
  • Map Editor
    It is one of the applications developed to help design the world. Each texture placed in the game can be defined in this application. Later I would like to create the option to define also the terrain height.
  • Server Protocol
    This project and the 2D project use the TCP/IP protocol to communicate, using 3 characters to identify the response type and then the parameters. Moreover, when the character moves around the world it only sends the changes in the area (like new objects).
  • Database
    The avatars and accounts are saved in a PostgreSQL database

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